What To Wear To a Corporate Christmas Party

What To Wear To a Corporate Christmas Party

A corporate holiday event can feel intimidating. The attire is totally different from everyday wear,you'll be inviting/meeting significant others, and there's a crossover from professional to person lives.

Have you been interested in a new promotion, or asking for a raise? This can be the perfect opportunity to catch some of your senior staff members having a good time and in a more casual mood. You can absolutely use this time to get to know team members on a more personal level and leverage these relationships to further your ambitions.

It's easy to overthink your outfit but we are here to provide a few pointers to make it a really easy, seamless decision.

Here's a few Do's and Dont's to consider when picking the perfect look:

DO! Dress professional. 

DON'T: Pick a dress that shows too much skin. One body part feature will do. For example: it's short dress so you wear full sleeves, or it's strapless so you opt for maxi length. You don't have to be fully covered and conservative to be appropriate.

DO! Stand out in a bold color! Don't shy away from color, just pick one that flatters your skin tone. If you want to play it safe, pick a red or green to be festive!

DON'T: Wear a piece you mix into your everyday office attire. This is a time to express your personality outside of the office. Zest it up!

DO! Pair your look with a stand out accessory. Think rhinestone drop earrings, a bold lip, or a fun hair piece.

A few different dress codes may be considered. Opt for the rule of thumb, you can never be overdressed when you dress well. Here are a few tips for different levels of dress code.

Formal- A maxi length dress or jumpsuit. Sequins, rhinestones, or textured fabric are not out of the question. We LOVE a good sequin dress with a slit, or a velvet number. 

Cocktail Attire: Midi or maxi length dresses are appropriate. If you opt for a short dress, pick something long sleeved or if it's got straps, pair it with a shawl or shoulder fur accessory piece. 

Casual: Take it a step up from a typical casual day. Think a stylish blouse, wide leg denim and a patent leather pump. Don't be afraid to go high end with drop rhinestone earrings and a deliberate pigmented lip color. A body suit and a maxi pleated skirt with a heel would be a cute go to look as well. 

No matter how you spin it, a holiday party is meant to be a time for fun and bonding among your fellow coworkers. Let your outfit shine and show your personality and enjoy the night!





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